EMS-Training: A new form of full body workout that
is transforming the world of fitness. It’s all about
super-charging the natural effects of exercise.

How does Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?

In everyday life, your body stimulates muscles naturally by sending bio-electrical pulses down the spinal cord and into your nerve fibers. Muscles need this stimulation in order to move. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is nothing more than an amplification of the body’s own electrical pulses. The extra stimulus causes your muscles to contract more and work harder. Combining EMS with exercise is a very targeted way of super-charging the effects of your workout. Deep muscles are stimulated far more effectively than through conventional exercise alone, making every move stronger and delivering visible improvements more quickly.

The science behind EMS

We all have two types of muscle fibre – slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Understanding how each of these
works are the key to ensuring a workout that will really get results.

  • Slow-twitch muscle fibres support endurance activities like walking, swimming and cycling.
    These fibres are always stimulated first during exercise. They contract slowly so they can keep
    moving for a long time without getting tired.
  • Fast-twitch fibres support quick, powerful movements, like jumping or sprinting. They contract
    quickly, consume a lot of energy (in other words – they burn fat!) and deliver the strength
    and the power you need to spring into action.
    To improve your overall strength, fitness and body tone, it’s important to flex both types of muscle
    fibre. EMS specifically targets those harder to reach fast-twitch fibres, boosting the effects of your

A full body workout

During an EMS training session at Body Fit, we can configure a wide range of training parameters to suit your individual needs. However, an important difference between other forms of exercise is that we are able to activate ALL of the muscle groups simultaneously. This makes a Body Fit workout much more time-efficient than conventional strength training or gym sessions, which typically only work a few muscle groups at a time.

EMS training has also a quick and deep-acting tightening effect on all the core muscle groups. That means you can achieve the same strengthening of low-lying muscle fibres that we’d normally associate with Yoga or Pilates exercise, without any of the time-consuming holding moves (e.g plank).