Frequently Asked Questions About Body Fit EMS Fitness Training.

1What is EMS training?

EMS stands for the Electro Muscle Stimulation. From a technical perspective, EMS training is whole-body training based on sending the same electric impulses that the human brain sends when contracting the muscles. Notwithstanding, EMS training can reach and stimulate the deepest fibers of the muscles faster and more effective than the traditional physical workout.

2How does EMS training work?

During a 20-minute EMS session, the made-in-Spain technology and well-adjusted frequency of the EMS device can stimulate all the major muscle groups which cannot normally be activated by the traditional workouts. In fact, you’re getting extra intense training in a short amount of time, whilst moving less.

3How long does an EMS training session take?

Typically, Body Fit EMS training session lasts just 20 minutes. If it is your first time, the session will be double the usual time, as we will include a brief about the training and a full body checkup.

4How many sessions should I do per week in order to see results?

Since it is an intense training, we recommend that our clients train once only per week. After each session, your body needs at least 72 hours of recovery during which it builds muscles and burns fats. In just a few sessions you will see great results as long as you go on a healthy diet.

5Do I need to have any particular training equipment?

No, there is no need to bring anything with you. At Body Fit EMS, we provide you with everything you need including a sanitized training suit and a towel for your shower after the training.

6Can I combine EMS with the traditional workout?

Yes. Actually, it would be great if you combined both training programs. You just have to make sure that your muscles are recovered after each training session.

7What can I benefit from EMS training?

Essentially, since a 20-minute EMS session can stimulate all the major muscle groups, it is the most effective training for losing weight, improving your fitness level, building lean muscles, additionally it is used as a rehabilitation method after injuries. EMS training can relieve the joints stress, reduce back pain and tighten the trouble areas in your body. Briefly, it is the fastest and easiest way to achieve all your fitness goals.

8Why is EMS so effective?

With Body Fit EMS training, 90% of your muscles get recruited altogether. The impulses reach the deepest muscle fibers which cannot be reached easily with the traditional workouts. Thus, a 20-minute EMS session equals 6 hours of physical workout, and its effect is 18 times higher than the conventional workout.

9What requirements must one meet to use EMS?

n fact, no one needs any special requirements in particular. Every healthy person can make effective use of EMS. EMS training suits all people of all ages and fitness levels. Nevertheless, you just need to fill out a form notifying us of any special conditions that might prevent you from starting your first session.

10Are there any medical conditions that might prevent me from using EMS training?

Almost all people can use EMS training, however, if you have a certain health condition that could prevent you, you need to get approval from your doctor. Unfortunately, people with the following conditions cannot use EMS:

· Heart pacemaker
· Pregnancy
· Severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder
· Abdominal wall or an inguinal hernia
· Tuberculosis
· Tumor diseases
· Arteriosclerosis in advanced stadium
· Diabetes mellitus
· Severe neurological illnesses (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis)
· Fever, acute bacterial or viral infections

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